Let the Marlins lead the way!

Jamaica is known for its deep sea Marlin Fishing. There are many international fishing tournaments across the island throughout the year. The most popular ones being the Montego Bay, and Port Antonio tournaments which take place in September and October respectively. These two locations are particularly popular for Deep Sea fishing because of how quickly the continental shelf drops off into the deep thousand feet range where blue marlins like to graze Marlin1 Both tournaments provide great entertainment, sportsmanship and fierce competition. Boats come from all over the world to participate in these internationally recognized tournaments. On average these tournaments yield 5-10 marlins per day. Wow! What excitement!   Marlin4 It’s now your turn to come and get a slice of the best fishing grounds in the Caribbean. Real Estate is now aggressively priced in Jamaica. Choose a great real estate brokerage firm to help you find a little piece of paradise like The RE/MAX Realty Group. Visit www.remaxja.com.    

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