Jamaica and its Colorful People

Are you thinking of acquiring property in Jamaica to reside or for investment?  If you are, firstly, why not learn a little bit about our culture and people? My Jamaica Jamaicans are the life and soul of the island.  Beauty all around from our people and culture of Music, Dance, Cuisine and Art.  Our national colors are Green, Gold & Black---colorful Language The official language of Jamaica is English, but the language of the streets is patois. This musical dialect is a combination of English, Spanish, Portuguese, African phrases and a good dose of Jamaican slang. Our Culture Art – from sculpture to pottery and painting, we have some of the most talented artists.  These items are perfect for adorning homes and are readily available in craft markets in the major tourist areas. art 1   Music & Dance  - In Jamaica, there is always a reason to sing and dance.  Popular reggae music blasting through the streets from sound boxes or the man riding his bicycle with his boom box strapped to the back of his ‘transportation’ - quaint.  Music is all around us and dance is one of the ways we express ourselves. art 2   Cuisine – Fine dining is plentiful but if you want true Jamaican style, get some Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork or Steamed Roast Fish served with roast breadfruit, roast sweet potato or Festival.  Our natural spices and seasoning will have you wanting more and more.


I am Jamaican and proud.

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