Trelawny Trelawny is a parish in Cornwall County in northwest Jamaica. Its capital is Falmouth. It is bordered by the parishes of Saint Ann in the east, Saint James in the west, and Saint Elizabeth and Manchester in the south. Major towns of Trelawny are Clarks Town, Duncans, Wakefield, Wait-a-Bit, Albert Town. The parish spans a total of 337 sq mi and a population of 75,558 (2012). Trelawny's sources of employment are based on agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. Rum and sugar are Trelawny's principal products. Other crops include bananas, yams, strawberries, vegetables, pimento, coffee, ginger, and coconut. Though the fishing industry is declining, Trelawny still produces a large amount of fish. There are ten beaches along the coast, with more than 30 boats each, as well as 27 fish ponds. There are 25 factories in the parish. These produce sugar, rum, and apparel, among other things. Two of the eight remaining sugar factories in Jamaica are in Trelawny —Hampden Sugar Factory, and Trelawny Sugar, formerly Long Pond Sugar Factory. The tourism sector is still growing. Major hotels are Meliá Braco Village (formerly Grand Lido Braco), Silver Sands Resort and the Royalton White Sands Resort (formerly the Breezes Trelawny Hotel). Other accommodations include Anita's Place in Kinloss, an eco-friendly lodge in the Cockpit Country area of Trelawny, en route to the Barbecue bottom trail. The all-inclusive Mangos Boutique Beach Resort is an adults only resort located in the coastal village of Coopers Pen in the parish of Trelawny. The Fisherman's Inn in Trewlany offers weddings, hotel, and Jamaican cuisine. The Fisherman's Inn is set on the coastal road just outside the commercial center of Falmouth Trelawny, immediately adjacent to the Luminescent Lagoon. The nearby Glistening Waters Hotel Restaurant & Marina operates four boats providing tours of the Luminescent Lagoon as well as a full-service marina.


Primary and junior high

  • Bellevue Primary & Junior High
  • Granville Primary
  • Lowe River Primary & Junior High
  • Wakefield Primary

Secondary high

  • Albert Town High
  • Cedric Titus High
  • Holland High
  • Muschett High
  • Troy High
  • Westwood High (girls)
  • William Knibb Memorial High

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