St Thomas

St Thomas Saint Thomas is located at latitude 18°05'N, longitude 76°40'W, to the south of Portland, and the east of St. Andrew. With an area of 742.8 square kilometres (286.8 sq mi), it ranks as Jamaica's ninth-largest parish. It is very mountainous, with ranges that include the Port Royal Mountains, stretching from above Newcastle in St Andrew, to Albion in St Thomas; the Queensbury Ridge, between the Yallahs and Negro rivers; and to the extreme south, an isolated ridge called Yallahs Hill, with its highest elevation 730 metres (2,394 ft) above sea level. The Blue Mountains form the northern border of the parish. The parish contains large wetlands areas, comprising the coastal area between Morant Bay and Hector's River. There are also many cliffs and beaches. There are three main rivers in the parish; the Yallahs, 36.9 kilometres (22.9 mi) long; the Morant, 21.9 kilometres (13.6 mi); and the Plantain Garden River, 34.9 kilometres (21.7 mi) long. The latter is the only one in the island to flow eastward. The total population of the parish is 94,410. The ethnic makeup of Saint Thomas is 88.2% black, 7.6% Asian, 3.2% white, and 1% other. "The Parish has a relatively youthful population. Approximately 54.7% of the parish’s population was 29 years or younge: children under 0-14 years accounted for 27% of the population, youths of 15 to 29 years accounted for 27.7%. The working-age population (15-64 years) accounted for 64.1%, reflecting the national distribution. The elderly, 65 years and over, accounted for 8.9%; this figure is lower than the national proportion of 11.1% reported by the Economic and Social Survey Jamaica (2010)." Agriculture plays a vital part in the economy of Saint Thomas. Sugar and bananas are the main items produced for export. Most small farmers produce domestic and orchard crops, which provide the main source of employment. Serge Island Dairies is located in the parish. St. Thomas also has many factories for food processing and electrical equipment. Current efforts are being made by Upliftment Jamaica to create, support and provide opportunities to the people of St. Thomas, and to encourage economic and social transformation on a community and county-wide basis. Over 10,000 people benefit annually from this organization, via year-round projects and events, with numbers rapidly increasing.


  • Bath Botanical Gardens - one of the oldest botanical gardens in the western hemisphere. Located in the town of Bath
  • Bath Fountain - mineral spring located in the town of Bath
  • Blue Mountains - mountain range extending over a portion of St. Thomas parish
  • Judgement Cliff - sheer cliff face near Easington created in 1692 by the same earthquake that destroyed Port Royal
  • Morant Bay Fort - fort dating back to 1773
  • Stony Gut - site of Paul Bogle's former chapel, burned during suppression of the rebellion

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