St Andrew

St Andrew St. Andrew was one of the first parishes to be established by law in 1867. Before being established, it was known as Liguanea. St Andrew is located at 18°01′N 76°54′WCoordinates: 18°01′N 76°54′W and covers an area of 455 km2 (176 sq mi). The parish lies just north of Kingston, bounded in the west by St. Catherine, north by St. Mary, northeast by Portland along the Blue Mountain range, and east by St. Thomas. In 1923, the parishes of St Andrew and Kingston were administratively merged to form the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC), with a single elected council and a mayor. Parts of the geographic area of Saint Andrew is often referred to as the "Corporate Area, town, Kingston Metropolition area, uptown Kingston, Kingston 2-20". The current mayor of KSAC is Angela Brown-Burke. Cross Roads, New Kingston, Half-Way-Tree, Matilda's Corner, and Constant Spring are important commercial centres in St. Andrew, but may be regarded as suburbs of Kingston. Coronation Market bordering both Saint Andrew and Kingston, is one of the largest, if not the largest outdoor market in this part of the island provides a venue for farmers throughout Jamaica. West St. Andrew, however, is a populous residential area. Total population of the parish was 573,369 in 2011. At the south of Papine, several miles northeast of Kingston is the University of the West Indies, occupying 2.6 km² (1 mile²) of the Liguanea Plain at the foot of Long Mountain.The University of Technology, Jamaica, formerly the College of Arts, Science and Technology, is located nearby. So too is the United Theological College of the West Indies. The Edna Manley School for the Visual Arts is also located in Saint Andrew, not far from the National Stadium. The parish of Saint Andrew also has some of the top high schools on the island. Campion College, Camperdown High School, Jamaica College, Calabar High School, Ardenne High School, Immaculate Conception High School, Saint Andrew High School for Girls, Holy Childhood High School for Girls, Meadowbrook High School, St. George's College, Saint Hugh's School, Excelsior High School, and a campus of Kingston College, in Rollington Town, are some of those schools. Saint Andrew provides the vibrancy that creates a city environment, nightlife, many restaurants, outdoor facilities, and tourist attractions, making the city of Kingston what it is today

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