Innovative Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

May 21, 2017 Posted by: REMAXJA Admin

Bathrooms are notorious for being short on storage space. Of course, sometimes they can be remodeled, but that’s only possible if you have the money and are willing to deal with the hassle of a major remodeling job. Usually, a cramped bathroom is something you have to live with, but there are ways to make them tolerable. The trick is to be innovative and find solutions that allow you to use every spare inch of space without making it look cluttered. Everybody knows about cabinets and spacesavers that can be […]

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What are Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty?

April 4, 2017 Posted by: REMAXJA Admin

Transfer Tax is a payment to the Commissioner of Stamp Duty at the rate of 5% of the sale price or value for which the property is transferred. Transfer Tax is borne by the vendor, but it is the purchaser who is required to pay over the Tax to the Commissioner, and recover the amount from the purchase price. Stamp Duty is calculated at a rate of approximately 4% of the sale price for which the property is transferred. The purchaser and vendor usually share payment of Stamp Duty equally. […]

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9 Important Safety Tips for Home Sellers

March 22, 2017 Posted by: REMAXJA Admin

Working with a trusted real estate agent to sell your home will hopefully attract wonderful people who’ll admire your décor, swoon at your landscaping and vie to purchase your property for a handsome price. Unfortunately, it may also attract less desirable visitors. Your agent understands this and will take precautions on your behalf, as will other agents who bring their clients to tour your home. Here are some ways you can help them ensure your safety and others’ while your home is on the market: 1. Schedule showings ahead of […]

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6 Considerations Before Turning Your Home into a Rental

March 9, 2017 Posted by: REMAXJA Admin

Sometimes moving out doesn’t necessarily mean moving on. If you need to relocate but aren’t ready to sell your home, you may be thinking about renting out your home. Beyond considering how much equity you have in your home, the market forecast for real estate in your neighborhood, your savings and other financial factors, here are some things to ponder if you’re thinking about becoming a landlord. 1. Make sure you can legally rent your home Check your mortgage to see whether there are restrictions on renting. If you have […]

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What are the costs related to the mortgage financing?

February 23, 2017 Posted by: REMAXJA Admin

The costs incurred during mortgage financing include: Commitment Fee: 1%-3% depending on the Financial Institution; Stamp Duty on mortgage and copy mortgage: $1.00 per $200 of loan amount, plus 25% of this figure, plus a further sum of $110; Registration Fee: 0.5% of loan amount, but reduced to half this amount if mortgage is to be registered simultaneously with transfer. Legal Fees: 1% to 2% of loan amount plus General Consumption Tax of 15% on legal fees. You should check with a mortgage financing institution to verify the above. You […]

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4 Things Agents Consider When Setting Listing Prices

February 7, 2017 Posted by: REMAXJA Admin

There’s no online calculator for setting the perfect listing price for your home. It takes experience, market savvy, and even a bit of psychology. A strong listing agent can help you set the right, most competitive price for your home. Here are a few things they might look at: 1. The competition Your agent will look at the prices of similar homes in your area that either are currently listed or sold during the past few months. They’ll take into account how many days the properties were on the market, […]

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What do I need to know about buying a lot in a subdivision scheme?

January 28, 2017 Posted by: REMAXJA Admin

Before you enter into a contract and pay down on the land  you should engage the services of an attorney-at-law to peruse any Agreement for Sale as prepared by the vendor. In any event, prior to purchasing any property, a prospective purchaser should always do the following: Determine if approval has been granted by the relevant Parish Council for the subdivision of the land, and the date of approval; Obtain a Surveyor’s Identification Report on the land. This is to ascertain whether the boundaries of the land on earth agree with the […]

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10 Tips To Prepare Your Home For An Open House

January 5, 2017 Posted by: REMAXJA Admin

Holding an open house is a great way to get many potential buyers through the door. There are many useful tips you will need to incorporate in the open house. First of all, buyers need to envision how they will use the space, so staging the home is the first priority among others. You’ll need to stage your home to make the home inviting. I have enlisted 10 tips to prepare your home for an open house.  This post is intended to help both the seller and real estate agents in […]

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Enlightenment upon your Settlement (“Dos and Don’ts “) Part 1

December 28, 2016 Posted by: Jermaine Sirjue

JAMAICA! Take a second to think…after hearing that name what first comes to your mind after? Images of the beach, great food and a totally fun time, but apart from the package you’re sold from the media, tour guides or word of mouth. What is Jamaica outside of that, the real Jamaica from a residents view point?Like every other country Jamaica is no different. Well yeah Jamaica is a cut above the others in many unique ways, not even a brochure can sell, but that’s for another blog entry. As […]

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Why Conduct a Title Search?

December 19, 2016 Posted by: REMAXJA Admin

Persons dealing with an owner of registered title must conduct a Title search at the Office of Titles/Land Titles Division of the National Land Agency to verify the ownership of the title and any encumbrances and so protect oneself against improper dealing before completion of any sale or loan.  IT IS UNSAFE TO RELY ON THE DUPLICATE CERTIFICATE OF TITLE. Why Can’t I rely on the owner’s duplicate Certificate of Title? The Registrar of Titles may have dispensed with the production of the duplicate Certificate of Title and registered dealings […]

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